Frequently asked questions - here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our SCHLÜSSELWERK Key Organizer

What does the FACTORY SIZE mean?

The SCHLÜSSELWERK is built in 3 different sizes, which are designated as WORK SIZES S, Y and X.

FACTORY SIZE S 70-75 mm, our compact model, can be equipped with keys on one side and therefore small, light and handy.
FACTORY SIZE Y 80 – 85 mm is the middle size and can be equipped on one or both sides. The perfect compromise between handiness and high capacity.
FACTORY SIZE X 90 – 95 mm, the largest version. Is generally equipped with keys on both sides and is ideal for everyone who has a lot of keys to stow away. Very robust and present in appearance.

How can I sensibly assemble the SCHLÜSSELWERK?

A perfect assembly is achieved when all keys on the left and right side can be folded completely into one another – similar to a pocket knife.
There should always be at least one spacer between the keys and on both sides of the emblem covers. Different key thicknesses can be compensated with additional spacers so that the same filling level is created on both sides at the end.

What do I do if the SCHLÜSSELWERK does not lock properly?

It is likely that not enough spacers (washers) have been inserted so that not enough pressure is being built up.
Therefore, always add enough washers so that the keys are pressed into the emblem covers when they are screwed together.

Where can I find my WORKING NUMBER?

This is attached to the inside of the SCHLÜSSELWERK and is stored in our WORK NUMBER ARCHIVE.
How can I expand my SCHLÜSSELWERK so that more keys fit in? In our SCHLÜSSELWERK SHOP see Options including an EXTENSION with the KEY FACTORY,it may take further 3 to 4 keys more. There are also other accessories that expand the range of functions.

How can I extend my SCHLÜSSELWERK to use more keys?

This allows you to hold another 3 to 4 keys more.
You can expand the range of functions with more SPECIAL EQUIPMENT, which is available there too.

What do I do if I lose a screw or part?

All parts can be reordered – you can find an overview in our SCHLÜSSELWERK SHOP under SPECIAL ACCESSORIES.

Which keys fit into the SCHLÜSSELWERK?

Basically, all common keys with a minimum bore or elongated hole of 4 mm fit – regardless of whether they are normal bit keys or security keys.

Can I have my own design realized by SCHLÜSSELWERK?

In principle, this is possible! A minimum order quantity of 100 pieces is required. We produce individual designs with special external shapes and our own WORK NUMBER. You can find more information at

Are there any other SCHLÜSSELWERK besides those in the shop?

Our product range is constantly being expanded and new designs are regularly added. In the course of time there will be a suitable SCHLÜSSELWERK for every taste and lifestyle. SCHLÜSSELWERK is also very active in the production of individual, customer-specific designs – that’s why there are always other places to discover SCHLÜSSELWERK apart from our own collection …

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