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Key Organiser by SCHLÜSSELWERK: finally an end to key chaos!

Are you tired of searching for the right key? With the key organiser from SCHLÜSSELWERK in Muehlacker, you can bring more order to your bunch of keys and always have a great fashion accessory with you.

Our high-quality key organisers made of solid metal will fit in any pocket and impress with their all-around high-quality workmanship. Your key organiser will give you many years of loyal service. Detailed decorations and individual design options make it an absolute eye-catcher with which you can perfectly underline your style and personality.

Exclusive key organisers in appealing designs

It’s the details that turn something ordinary into something special.
With its three-dimensional and exceptionally vivid motifs on the emblem trays, the key organiser from SCHLÜSSELWERK is unique worldwide.

Whether motorbikes, trucks, animals or Nordic gods: there is something for every taste in our lovingly designed collection. But you can also easily commission an individual design.

Its compact shape and noble manufacturing workmanship make our products a real jewel in your handbag or trouser pocket.

Key organizer

Key organizer

Rocker - Key Organizer ODIN Style - Key Organizer Key Organizer

An innovative and easy-to-use mechanism for more tidiness on your key ring

Our key organisers can usually be fitted on both sides. After a short time, you will have memorised the position and will quickly find the key you need.
Since the key organisers have an eyelet, they can be easily attached to a ring and stored together with your car key, for example.

SCHLÜSSELWERK is available in three different factory sizes that can safely store up to ten keys.

However, we also offer practical extension sets with which you can retrofit your model so that it can hold even more keys. The configuration is very simple and the installation can be done with many common coins.

The key case can also be expanded as desired with great accessories. Turn your key organiser into a multifunctional tool that meets your needs and expectations!

Key organizer in premium quality

In addition to an attractive appearance and a high level of functionality, our products can also convince with their outstanding quality. Because we know: A good key organiser should be made of the best possible materials.

Our key organisers are therefore developed and manufactured by hand here in Muehlacker. They are made of a high-quality metal investment casting with a proportion of stainless steel so that they are very stable. Thanks to their nickel-free finish, they are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

The SCHLÜSSELWERK key organizer is made of precision cast metal


Show your personality with your new key organiser!

At SCHLÜSSELWERK, careful and flawless workmanship meets sophisticated mechanics “Made in Germany”. But that is by no means all! Thanks to countless variations, our key organisers can be perfectly adapted to your lifestyle. Since the different models can be easily assembled and disassembled, you can change the motif to suit your mood. This makes it easy for you to create your one-of-a-kind.

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